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Katie Bell [userpic]

Dinner with George

December 23rd, 2007 (04:03 pm)

It’s two days until Christmas morning and having collected my kneazle kit from Bill, I need to get her a present. I decide to pay a visit to Diagon Alley for the afternoon, collecting the last minute Christmas goodies, and perhaps get dinner before going home. I take Kash with me and having done my shopping, and owled the last few cards and presents, I consider dropping in on the twins. It wouldn’t be Christmas without them.

Katie Bell [userpic]

Christmas Shopping

December 12th, 2007 (11:37 pm)

current mood: festive
current song: Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

With the recent detatchment from my family Christmas shopping this year is blissfully light, still it has to be done and no sense in waiting until the last minute. As always, where the normal shops fail miserably, the Christmas market provides that Yuletide feeling. Wrapped up warm in my calf-length winter coat, matching earmuffs, gloves and scarf, I make my way between the stalls enjoying the atmosphere. Stalls selling gifts, craft goods, hot food and drink.

Katie Bell [userpic]

Summoned to work...

November 27th, 2007 (11:26 pm)

I knock on Mr Weasley's office door. I did not want to recieve the summons I got to arrive early for work. Still, work is work so I arrive an hour early as requested. Why should today be any different to every other day? Tomorrow I turn 21, but I haven't really celebrated since I was little. We'd have fun at Hogwarts but then we had fun every day. Recent years however there's no Alicia, no Angelina, and no twins. No reason to make this day any different to the other three hundred and sixty four days every year.

Katie Bell [userpic]

Lunch with Megan

November 16th, 2007 (10:00 pm)

current mood: hungry

Bill and I've been working hard this morning, mostly classroom work but still difficult, especially so as it takes twice as long as anything from a book to sink in for me. Mr Weasley must think I'm stupid, he's a natural bookworm so he finds that side of things easy. Now however, it's my lunch break, and after such a frustrating morning of making slow progress I decided sitting and socialising with Goblins while I ate was not in my best interests.

Katie Bell [userpic]


November 12th, 2007 (12:31 am)

current mood: scared

It's been a long day. Too long. After I got home from work I spent quite a while going through spells, inscriptions, translations and calculations until my brain ached and my stomach complained. I got some food and went back to work. Now I'm tired, I'm going to bed, and work can wait until the morning. I strip off, shivering slightly at the sudden rush of cold air, tugging my pyjamas before collecting my wash things to go to the bathroom. I frown slightly, my pyjamas are thick fleecy ones at this time of year, and it's still cold in my room.

Katie Bell [userpic]

Escaping the consequences...

November 8th, 2007 (03:43 pm)

I smile as I wake slowly, peacefully. No screaming, no terror, no pain. No nightmares just...I groan, instantly losing my smile as the reality of last night comes back in a flood of memories which make me blush. What was I thinking?! The answer is quite clearly, I wasn't. I've only ever been close enough to a Wizard to do that once before, and that ended badly before we did anything. After that I swore to myself plain and simple, never again. There was no point wasting time and effort getting to know a guy, learning to trust him, only to be stabbed in the back the first opportunity he gets.

So what do I do? Skip getting to know him, learning to trust him, just jump straight into bed. I'm not that sort of witch...at least I didn't think I was.

I don't want a relationship, with any Wizard. Certainly not one I only meet by chance the night before and do...I groan again. I really didn't think I was that kind of Witch. The kind who sleeps with a Wizard on first meeting, and then dumps him before he can smile and say 'Good morning.' I guess I am just like that though...a witch and a bitch.

Damnit, I sigh. Prentending to be asleep isn't going to solve anything. I open my eyes. I'm alone. Where the devil is he? I swing my legs out of bed, my cheeks growing warm remembering what he'd said last night. Love long legs on a witch.

I push the thought out of my mind, pulling on my dressing gown to check around the rest of the flat incase he got lost on his way to the loo or something. He's not here. Relief floods through my mind. The only witness to last night's...events, is gone, and I have no way of tracing him. So it's not my responcibility to trace him. If he wants to continue what we started he has to find me, by which time I will have thought of a good excuse as to why exactly we can't continue...or better yet moved house and chosen a different club to haunt so he can't find me.

I frown, feeling slightly guilty about this. It feels like running away. It is running away, but he ran away first thank Merlin!

This settled in my mind I let myself relax and think about what actually happened last night. I find myself starting to grin. Of course it wasn't how I imagined my first time would be, but when one is sworn against relationships forever that makes it a little impossible. Damn, it was good though. Great even.

I take longer in the shower than normal just enjoying the warmth before getting out and quickly get ready to go to work, still grinning to myself. Strange the path fate leads us down on occasions.

Katie Bell [userpic]

A night of firsts...

November 7th, 2007 (10:33 pm)

current mood: conflicted

Training with Bill is fun, and it keeps me from thinking about Halloween, but it's hard work. Now however, I have the night off, and while I'll regret the late night when morning comes and I'm exhausted, I intend to enjoy it for the present. Especially after the last time...I shiver, remembering the flash of green that brought an end to the dancing of one young man standing just next to me. It took a lot of self persuation to convince myself to go out so soon but this isn't Halloween, and this isn't the Crystal Chamber. I refuse to let terrorists scare me away from the things I enjoy.

Ordering my drink, sparkling mineral water, I perform the usual discreet charm on the neck of the bottle to avoid any potions or other such things being slipped into it. I shouldn't have ordered the drink though, I realise as the song changes. It's one of my favourites. One of the ones I can't resist dancing too, even if I do look like an idiot doing it. Although when everyone else is dancing too no one is going to notice. I leave my drink on the bar and head back to the dance floor, hopefully the bottle will still be there once the song is finished and I won't have wasted my money...and hopefully this song will help me relax.

I notice the usual crowd gathering, witches and wizards who all clearly enjoy the same song. Each face could have been a face at Crystal Chamber. No. I'm going to enjoy tonight, I'm not going to think about what happened, or what might have happened. I look again and see each face more clearly, they're not the witches and wizards from Crystal Chamber. No doubt they all know of the events, probably why this place is a little quieter than usual, but they weren't there. They didn't get killed or see their friends killed. People did die, but that's another place, another time, and instead of escaping one for another, I'm stuck between the two.

Katie Bell [userpic]

Memories of old friends

November 3rd, 2007 (03:49 pm)

I remember standing waiting for the sorting hat to process my year. For some reason I wasn’t particularly nervous as a lot of students were. I’d met a young witch named Leanne on the train. We’d laughed away the nerves until it was too late to be worried. Especially for myself being a B-name, and therefore quite early in the alphabetical sorting.

Katie Bell [userpic]

All Hallow's Eve at Crystal Chamber

October 31st, 2007 (11:00 pm)

current mood: energetic

I wasn't going to come out tonight, but it is Halloween and I think I need a night out. What better night for a witch to party than Halloween! After getting this voucher off Draco, I haven't really got an excuse not to.

I'm not one for dancing in public, my dancing is limited to my room, but the music here is good, and the atmosphere is so friendly and positive it's impossible not to have a good time, and yes, dance. No one would have guessed it was owned by an ex-death eater.

As one song ends and another begins, I make my way to the bar for a drink. Force of habit being in muggle clubs I cast a discreet charm over the neck of my bottle to prevent my drink being spiked and head back to the dance floor and the nice little circle of wizards who seem to have gathered around my dancing "circle". This is slightly unnerving, but what girl doesn't like a little male attention now and then, as long as I don't let them get serious.

Katie Bell [userpic]

Arranging some girly time out.

October 30th, 2007 (07:19 pm)

current mood: bored

I really need a faster way of contacting Aly. Don't get me wrong, owls are great and I love Quaffle to bits, but using owls you need at least a weeks forward planning to contact a person about meeting up, and to get their reply. More if that person's work schedule is slightly sporadic...like Aly's. It's been a while since I saw her, and I'd quite like to catch up again.

However, an owl is all I've got right now so it will have to do. No use complaining about something you can't change. I learned that just over 10 years ago waiting for my penpal to reply via snail mail. I sit down and take out my quill and some parchment to write the letter.

I fold the letter up and call Quaffle over. I haven't bothered with the proper falconers glove since I discovered that my bird ignored the glove and rode on my unpadded shoulder. He's not a big bird so it's okay as long as he keeps his balance, but I do have a couple of scars from repeated talon-marks where he's slipped.

I go to tie the letter onto his leg then stop. Aly might be working, if she is I don't want my bird stuck there until she gets back with a letter tied to his leg all the time. Him being there isn't a problem unless he starts a fight with her bird, but he'd be really uncomfortable tied to a letter for however long she was gone. Instead I look at my owl sternly.

"If you drop this, or lose this, or deliver it to the wrong person, I will personally ensure that you become spitroast." He hoots at me and takes the letter in his beak. I have the uncomfortable feeling I'm being mocked, he clearly doesn't believe me that I would spitraost him.

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